Net Lease Real Estate ETF Brings Opportunity in 2021: It's Time to Lock in Real Estate Yields

Net Lease Real Estate ETF Brings Opportunity in 2021: It's Time to Lock in Real Estate Yields

The Fundamental Income Net Lease Corporate Real Estate ETF was one of the sponsors for the Benzinga Global Small-Cap Conference that took place on December 8-9, 2020. The information contained in this article in no way represents investment advice or opinion on the part of Benzinga or its writers and is intended for informational purposes only.

Real estate is an attractive investment for current returns, future growth, and diversification in any portfolio. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the real estate industry, and many real estate investment trusts (REITs) saw valuations decline substantially last year. However, not all real estate investments are created equally, and NETL is an example of resilience amid a crisis.

The Fundamental Income Net Lease Real Estate Exchange-Traded Fund ETF & Index (NYSE Arca: NETL) defines and tracks the performance of the rapidly expanding public net lease real estate sector. The ETF owns 25 publicly-traded REITs in the U.S. It's traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ and focuses solely on free-standing, single-tenant real estate. 

Fundamental Income calls this real estate “the real estate of America”—it's your neighborhood grocery store, drive-thru coffee shop, go-to gas station and the closest distribution center delivering your most recent Amazon order. This ETF excludes and owns no malls, no multi-tenant office, and no multifamily. 

Net Lease understands that investors are concerned with the current uncertainty,  inflation and low-interest rates. That is why they highlight the value of Triple Net Leases and the shareholder's opportunity to own the public net lease sector in a diversified, tradeable, and transparent manner. Thus, there still are high-quality REITs that withstand chaos and generate consistent income with identifiable growth. 

Opportunity Behind 2021 and Net Lease American REITs

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