Mobie Launches Solution for Spending Crypto at Stores

Mobie Launches Solution for Spending Crypto at Stores

Most of us have a few things we do with our cryptocurrencies. Typically, these are buying, selling, and transferring crypto as an investment tool. At the same time, most of us know that cryptocurrency can do more than be a way to make money. More specifically, cryptocurrency can act as a medium of exchange and be used to pay for goods and services. The problem is that the infrastructure for using cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services is not always readily available. 

This is the problem that Mobie is working to solve through its new product rollout, slated to launch in the iOS and Android app stores before holiday shopping season. 

Solving an Age-Old Problem

Most of us keep our cryptos in digital wallets and while these tend to be secure, they rarely have mechanisms in place to help us spend our tokens at stores. This means that we typically do not move the tokens unless we want to transfer or sell them and to spend our crypto, …

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