A Look Into Coupa Software's Debt

A Look Into Coupa Software's Debt

Over the past three months, shares of Coupa Software Inc. (NASDAQ:COUP) rose by 5.82%. Before having a look at the importance of debt, let's look at how much debt Coupa Software has.

Coupa Software Debt

Based on Coupa Software's balance sheet as of September 7, 2022, long-term debt is at $2.16 billion and current debt is at $1.75 million, amounting to $2.16 billion in total debt. Adjusted for $527.96 million in cash-equivalents, the company's net debt is at $1.63 billion.

Let's define some of the terms we used in the paragraph above. Current debt is the portion of a company's debt which is due within 1 year, while long-term debt is the …

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