A Look Into Cosmos Holdings' Debt

A Look Into Cosmos Holdings' Debt

Over the past three months, shares of Cosmos Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:COSM) rose by 30.32%. When understanding a companies price change over a time period like 3 months, it could be helpful to look at its financials. One key aspect of a companies financials is its debt, but before we understand the importance of debt, let's look at how much debt Cosmos Holdings has.

Cosmos Holdings Debt

According to the Cosmos Holdings's most recent balance sheet as reported on November 14, 2022, total debt is at $9.59 million, with $2.96 million in long-term debt and $6.63 million in current debt. Adjusting for $312 thousand in cash-equivalents, the company has a net debt of $9.28 million.

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